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Prices will depend on your dogs breed, individual requirements, coat condition & behaviour, the prices shown are intended as a guide based on regularly groomed dogs.

Unkept coats resulting in matting & poor condition may incur additional cost.


Please note we do not de-matt negleted matted coats, if we are unable to   de-matt the coat within 20 minutes we will advise you so you can either collect your dog & return with a new appointment having brushed the coat out or we can give the coat a full clip off which is the kindess option as we feel it is unfair to put your dog through anymore.

We want your dog to want to come back, not hate his visits!


Remember it is YOUR duty to brush your own dog.


Full Groom - this is suitable for dogs that require clipping or scissoring to acheive a style. It includes the following;

  • Health check - this can help to identify any early signs of problems such as parasites, skin & coat conditions but can also highlight lumps, bumps & swellings that we may need to be careful with clipping/scissoring and that may require reporting to the owner to seek veterinary advice
  • Prep - brush out coat so free of knots & tangles- deshed undercoat - clip nails - pluck & clean ears - trim between pads - hygiene trim
  • Bath with suitable shampoo to suit the skin & coat type,
  • Blow dry - with blast dryer & finishing dryer
  • Clipping or scissoring to acheive shape & style


This does not include 20 min max de-matting


From £20 to £65



Wash & Dry - suitable for short/smooth coats and the longer coat that is regularly maintained. It includes:

  • Bathing - with suitable shampoo to suit the skin & coat type
  • Blow Dry - with blast dryer & finishing dryer


This does not include detangling, de-shedding, de-matting or styling the coat


From £15 to £40


Free Puppy Intro - Suitable for puppies up to the age of 3 months who have had all their vaccinations. It includes:

  • Basic handling & brushing
  • Nail clipping
  • Play
  • Gentle exposure to noises such as the bath, clippers & driers
  • And of course lots of cuddles


It does not include bathing or styling




Don't wait until your puppy is due its first groom, they will need to get familiar to the grooming experience so it can associate it as an enjoyable experience


1st Puppy Groom - up to the age of 6 months. It includes:

  • Health Check
  • Prep
  • Bath
  • Blow Dry - with finishing dryer only
  • Scissoring to acheive style & shape


This will depend on your puppies previous exposure to the grooming environment, their stress & anxieties during the session. We want it to be a positive experience so may have to limit the session to suit your puppies needs


We don't clip puppy coats until 6 months old as it may change the coat.


From £15


Other Charges

Hand stripping from £40 

(Does not includes bathing due to the risk of Furunculosis)


Nail clip £5


Flea shampoo £8 - for dogs who have already arrived at the studio with fleas, this is to cover the cost of the shampooing & studio decontamination.


We do not express anal glands.


It helps if your dog has had a walk before his/her appointment, this will help by using some of their energy, gives them an opportunity to 'empty' and therefore they will be more relaxed during the grooming session.

*************Please do not bring them straight from the beach!*****************




Drop off & Collection 

Can we please ask that you arrive on time for your dogs allotted appointment time, just 10 minutes late will have an affect on the next appointment, in some cases late arrival will result in rebooking. Please can we refer you to our Cancellation Policy.

Likewise prompt collection of your dog once you have been advised they are ready would be greatly appreciated, the next dog due in may not always be as well socialised with other dogs as yours is!! In this circumstance we may have to crate your dog for its own safety until your arrival.


Client Consent Form

Every new customer will be required to complete our Client Consent Form, which is downloadable from our Policies page or you can complete it on your arrival. It may seem rather unnecessary but this is to enable us to keep records in-line with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. It also enables us to tailor your dogs grooming session to meet both of your needs and if a longer appointment is requried due to your dogs health or disability. On subsequent visits our Routine Appointment Record can be completed where you will have an opportunity to provide any changes in your dogs health or behaviour and to request any specific style requirements.



We currently can only take payment by cash, please ensure you have the available funds when you come to collect your dog.

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