Cats also welcome!

Cats require & benefit from regular grooming, see below for what we can offer to help keep your cats coat in purrfect condition

Full Groom (no bath) - suitable for cats who tolerate the grooming experience & whose coats are regularly groomed. It includes;


Health check - this can help to identify any early signs of problems such as parasites, skin & coat conditions but can also highlight lumps, bumps & swellings that we may need to be careful with clipping and that may require reporting to the owner to seek veterinary advice

  • Brush/comb out coat so free of knots, tangles & shedding undercoat
  • Clip nails
  • Clean ears
  • Lightly trim pads
  • Hygiene trim as required



Targeted Matt Removal - includes the full groom above but also allows for clipping out matts from target areas providing the cat will tolerate the clippers



Full Lion Clip (no bath) - suitable for cats who are heavily matted & will tolerate being clipped






Cats can get easily stressed & require a handler while being groomed, we prefer the owner to stay & be the 'handler' while the grooming session takes place. Please allow a minimum of a hour for a full groom. 


We recommend professional grooming every 3 months with long coated breeds providing you are able to regularly groom your cat at home in between sessions.

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